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Lissan Primary School, Cookstown

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Dream it, Believe it, Work for it.


Our mission is to nurture, inspire, support and challenge all of our pupils to be the best that they can be.


Our Vision is for Lissan Primary School to be a place where;

-a strong Catholic, inclusive ethos permeates everything we do.

-children are actively involved in Church life and see themselves as important members of our Christian community.

-children are provided with the foundations to face the various challenges of life.

-mindfulness, positivity and strong growth mindsets teach us patience, resilience and perseverance.

-every child is an integral part of our community.

-culture and talents can be nurtured, developed and celebrated.

-children understand there is no limit to their potential.

-children receive an excellent education through an inspiring, purposeful, knowledge-rich curriculum.

-staff have high expectations of each other and of our pupils.

-staff feel valued and happy and are empowered and motivated to work collaboratively and develop professionally.

-parents are recognised as the primary educators and play a key role in their children's education.

-our Governors support our pupils, staff and parents and the role of the school in the community.

-every aspect of the School Development Plan revolves around raising standards and helping all children to reach their potential.

-we build on the successes of our outstanding pre-school; Lissan Cross Community Playgroup.

-the school environment is vibrant and welcoming.

-resources are plentiful and technology inspires and stimulates pupils and supports learning and teaching.

-community involvement is promoted and celebrated.

-positive relationships are based on our core values of Professionalism, Trust, Integrity, Openness, Collaboration, Respect, Empathy, Reflection, Responsibility, Excellence and Equality.